UPF Starships
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Interstellar Government Ships

Deck plans rendered in 1.5 meter squares unless otherwise noted

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Courier Scout

HS: 2   HP: 10   Powerplant: 2 Ion A, 4 passive Chemical A/RCS thrusters
ADF: 2 (3) MR: 4  DCR: 26   Crew: 1-4
Armament: LB (range: 60K)
Defenses: RH
Communication/Detection: SubSpace Radio, VideoCom, Radar,  Intercom
Misc Equipment: Streamlined

Computer (LVL:4 fp:90 SP/mass:100)

Alarm (2) Analysis (4) Astrogation (4) Commerce* (1) Communication (1) Computer Lockout (3) Damage Control (2) Drive: Ion A (3) Drive: Chem/RCS A (1) Industry (1) Information Storage* (1) Installation Security* (3) Laser Battery* (1) Life Support, cap:4 (1) Maintenance (2)

Cargo Capacity: 0.5 (two 0.25 holds)
Crew Accomodations: 2 convertible single/double cabins
Passenger Accomodations: n/a
Ship's Vehicles: none

"The Stellar Pony Express"

After the formation of the UPF a communications/delivery network became necessary for all the citizens of the UPF. To that end the UPF Courier Service was founded. Small reliable starships were commissioned for the sole purpose of delivering data, messages, communiques, and parcels from planet to planet and system to system.

The Courier Scout is intended for the delivery of such data, parcels, and packages. Stations are set up at each civilized system to service Courier Scouts as they arrive and depart, collecting all data and packages for transport to the surface and loading outgoing deliviries as well as maintenance, refueling, and repairs and restaffing with fresh crews.

Assaulting any Courier Service vessel is punishable by life imprisonment by the UPF, and to this end all vessels carry a black box system to identify any and all events the vessels are put through. Computer programs with an asterisk are linked to this black box.

Surplus Courier Scouts can be found easily. The data bank is removed from the lower cargo bay, thus enabling a decent sized store room (albeit not well suited for cargo thanks to the simple personnel hatch accessway). On the other hand they still make for very useful vessels to ply the space lanes and can be easily adapted for many roles.

(loose adaptation of the Scout/Courier from the Traveller RPG)

UPF Frigate

HS:5     HP:40     Powerplant: 2 Class B Atomic Drives
ADF:4   MR:3     DCR:40      Crew: 1-8
Armament: LC, LB, RB(x4), T(x2)
Defenses: RH, MS(x2) ICM (x4)
Communication/Detection: Subspace Radio, Radar, streamlined, gravitics, black box

Cargo Capacity: 1
Fuel Tankage: 12 plutonium or uranium fuel pellets (6/drive)
Crew Accomodations: captain's suite, 4 single officer cabins, 8 double bunk and 10 single crew cabins
Passenger Accomodations: 1 double occupancy suite
Ship's Vehicles: lifeboat, 3 large launches, 2 workpods

UPF Destroyer

HS:6   HP:50   Powerplant: 2 Atomic "B" drives
ADF:3   MR:3   DCR:75   Crew:40-50
Armament: type CC - LC, T(x2), RB(x4), LB, EB; type FE - LC, T(x2), LB(x2), EB(x2)
Defenses: type CC - RH, MS(x2), ICM (x5); type FE - RH, AS, ICM (x8)
Communications/Detection: SubSpace Radio, Videocom, Radar, Energy Sensor, WNB, Intercom network, Skin Sensors

Cargo: 1.5
Passenger Accomodation: 8 single occupancy cabins, 5 suites (single or double occupancy...only 4 on type FE), 18 double occupancy cabins, 2 triple occupancy cabins; 2 first class suites
Ships Vehicles: Lifeboat, 3 lg Launches, 2 workpods


This Destroyer design is a newer one but their usefulness in Spacefleet became questionable, as the Frigates were nearly as capable in combat yet faster at the same time. However, what a Destroyer lacks in speed it makes up for in armor, it can take a more severe beating than the Frigate. It is also the smallest Spacefleet vessel that features a cargo hold, useful for transporting smaller amounts of supplies as needed or reacquiring "swag" from pirates.

Constructed with a Class 6 hull, the Destroyer measures 148 meters without cannon or drives, and 24 meters in diameter at the widest point without taking into consideration of any weapons or drives. Displacement comes in at 5400 tons.

The UPF Destroyer is currently available in two configurations, the Type:CC (close combat) or the Type:FE (Fleet/Escort).

UPF Assault Scout

Razor & StarHawk class assault scouts 

HS:3 HP:15 (18) Powerplant: 2 Atomic "A"
ADF:5 MR:4 DCR:50
Armament: AR (x4), LB for Razor; PL, AR(x1), LB for StarHawk
Defenses: RH
Comm/Detect: SubSpace Radio, Videocom, Intercom, Radar
Misc Equipment: streamlined; optional light hull armor (18HP @ 2x normal hull price)

Alarm: 2
Analysis: 4
Assault Rocket: 1
Astrogation: 4
Computer Lockout: 4
Computer Security: 4
Damage Control: 2
Drive (atomic A): 4
Industry: 1
Information Storage: 1
Installation Security: 4
Laser Battery: 1
Laser Cannon: 1 (StarHawk only)
Life Support (cap-12): 1
Maintenance: 2

Cargo Capacity: 0 (personal goods)
Crew Accomodations: 4 dbl cabins; stowage locker can be converted to a four bunk barracks
Passenger Accomodations: 0
Ships Vehicles: none

External Cargo Module

HS:n/a HP:5 Powerplant: n/a
ADF: -1 MR: -1(only when full) DCR: 0
Armament: n/a
Defenses: RH
Cargo Capacity: 1

Measuring 12 meters in length by 10 wide and 6 high, the external cargo module attaches to the stern of any Razor and StarHawk class UPF Assault Scouts. The module connects flush to the "host" assault scout, and both the scout's airlock and bay doors connect directly to the cargo module's airlock & bay doors as well. A larger secondary set of bay doors runs most of the ventral length of the module to permit loading/unloading items too large for the fore & aft bay doors. The module is tiered, with a "level" every four meters from the bottom (three levels total). The airlock spans the entire length, with a hatch on each tier. Each tier has retracting bay doors centered in the deck, parallel to the main bay doors fore and aft.

The added bulk of the cargo module causes a -1 ADF penalty and when loaded there is an additional -1 MR penalty (thus negating assault rocket use). Unless selective targetting is utilized by attacking craft, sustained combat hits strike the cargo module 20% of the time, otherwise the scout itself absorbs the damage. If the cargo module takes more than 5 hull points of damage, the balance is sustained by the host craft (i.e. if the cargo module takes 8 points of damage, it is destroyed and the assault scout takes the remaining 3 hull points of damage). Connecting the module takes three combat turns (30 minutes) but it may be easily ejected within one combat turn (10 minutes).

Additional modules can be connected in tandem, up to three total. Each one incurs an additional -1 ADF penalty along with additional -1 MR penalties when loaded, thus three full modules would result in ADF:2 and MR:1. Each additional module requires an additional 30 minutes (three turns) to connect, but any/all can be ejected in a single turn. Note that interconnected modules have their airlocks and bay doors connected for the same easy access from ship to module or module to module. Cumulative 20% modifiers apply to additional cargo modules, i.e. with two modules attacking craft will hit a module 40% of the time and 60% for three. Use increments of 20 to determine which module is hit, with 01-20 being the one connected to the host craft. Again, any module taking more than five hull points of damage will divide the remaining damage evenly (rounding down) between adjacent craft and/or modules.