About Star Frontiers
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What is Star Frontiers?

Star Frontiers is a science fiction role playing game (RPG) set in the distant future. Participants create and enact events through pregenerated characters that are human or otherwise, controlling their actions and resolving them with their skills, a blaster, and a pair of dice.

Unlike regular board games though, there are no real borders so it goes well beyond the realm of rolling dice and moving pieces around. A player can go anywhere and do anything he/she wants, in essence you control your character as if you were really there: move left, duck, roll, fire your weapon, leap into a hovercraft, chase dangerous interstellar criminals, and head to the local Star Port and start the pre-flight checks on your own starship. You make all the decisions for and have complete control of your character's actions, as if you were actually there. This is what makes role playing games so much fun, even if you're not a hero in real life you can play one on TV (or on holovision as it is in the future).


And unlike board games (or "bored" games as you will soon refer to them as), there is no clear winner or loser, nor is there ever truly an end. Players have goals in each game session that they strive to achieve, such as capturing/killing a group of interstellar pirates that are intercepting cargo along the trade routes to your homeworld, rescuing the crew of a crashed spaceship, or exploring and charting out a newly discovered planet. A skillful player that uses the same character in each gaming session will develope that character as that character moves from scenario to scenario, all the while becoming rewarded with more skills, better equipment, and most importantly more Frontier Credits to buy all those wonderful toys with as they progress to each successive mission.

Where can I find Star Frontiers gaming supplies?

If we were still living back in the 20th century, circa 1980's, any hobby shop or toy store carried Star Frontiers and other great role playing games. But since the game is no longer in production, many of these fine supplies can be found on E-Bay at bargain prices. What a great an inexpensive method for jumping headfirst into the future!


Riding Free in the Frontier!

Sample Player Character


Vrusk (M)

STR/STA :  55/65
DEX/RS  :  70/70
INT/LOG :  45/45
PER/LDR:  35/35

IM :  7     PS :   3     

Racial Abilities: Ambidextrous, Comprehension (15%)

Anti-Shock Implant
Skeinsuit (civilian)
Albedo Screen w/50SEU PowerBeltPack
Standard Equipment Pack (ID card, Chronocom )
Backpack w/ one 30m rope, 2 vials of solvaway, 1 vial of Telol, a gas mask, IR goggles, Pocket Tool, Survival Rations, 1st aid pack {inc 1 stimdose & 1 staydose}, one empty Laser Pistol, & 18 : 20R bulletclips

2 --- Automatic Pistols w/20r bulletclips
6 - 20R Bulletclips
Vibroknife w/20SEU Powerclip
Sonic Sword w/20SEU Powerclip
3 --- fragmentation grenades
3 --- doze grenades

PSA: Military

LVL: 3 - Projectile Weapons
LVL: 1 - Melee Weapons

Following a rather hostile disagreement with his C.O. during a stint as a ship's trooper aboard an Assault Scout of the Zik'-Kit Militia (speculation was the C.O. was a Sathar agent, operating on a similar mission as what befell the Clarion Royal Marines), Dosarmas was dishonorably discharged and stripped of his dignity along with all possessions as well. A call to an old friend with whom he has shared several various adventures and odd jobs under at Star Law launched an investiagation that confirmed those hunches, but alas he was still unbale to be reinstated in the militia. Needless to say he's looking for work one way or another, and a few odd jobs along the way has earned him passage to Cassadine with hopes of starting over.

Dosarmas has a rather charming demeanor despite a lacking personality, and while he is not highly educated he is still able to pass off educated mannerisms. Dosärmas is quite adept at spinning a good yarn, and is quite possibly on his way to perfecting the "ultimate deception" in terms of passing off plausible stories and appearances.