Miscellaneous Pics
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All of these are my own artistic renderings from the SF game

More pics will be added as I come across them. Click on thumbnails to view larger versions

Fafhd, Humma Star Lawman
on suspension

Old School Hover Chopperista

an Osakar

standard Explorer

Heavy Duty ATV

Military Scout Explorer

Sathar trooper

Dorgue, ex-Star Devil

Sariss vs Lyh-La

Star Law hover cycle

FLIT (FLying Independant Travel) Board

Hover Tank

Security Probe

Lunari, looking for trouble...

Stealth Armor


Q'ortir-Mein, bionically enhanced vrusk

yaz technician

the "Bugisher"

typical Frontier bar scene

Mrak a Geego
from the Omicron mini-module

female Ifshnit

Rampaging Yazirian

Valerie Louise Jameson
of SFC Command

Vruskan Hovercyclist

Lady Pirates

"The only good Sathar is a dead Sathar!"

Hyondow CBR-800 Hover Cycle (sport type)

Fleeing the Scene

Hyondow VT-900 Shade Hover Cycle (chopper type)

specs: http://vlxriders.20m.com/catalog.html