Starship Deck Plans
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This page features blueprints for two of the starships used by my characters: the Volturnian Knighthawk & the SS Knight Owl

The Volturnian Knighthawk is the second freight hauler owned by Knightrazor and crew. She is a new ship that replaced the Starling. A pricy prototype RT-4940 model, it is among the larger atmospheric capable craft made by Rayax Transport and at the same time the heaviest armed too. The extreme cost of Knightrazor's model was deemed too high for it to go into production, but RT eventually designed a more affordable RT-4900 version (pictured here). 

The Knight Owl is a new vessel, co-signed by Steven for his son John Knightrazor II. Based on the popular Rayax Transport model 3100, it is a fast and agile yet well armed small freight hauler that John and Rin-Blanka have only begun to explore the Frontier in and earn a reputation with. They have already made an enemy in the form of upstart dictator Yan-Soon, a well financed Yazirian freedom fighter who has managed to attempt the take over of several UPF outpost worlds, most recently right in their homeworld of Histran.


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SS Volturnian Knighthawk

Class: RT-4940 Para-Military Freighter
HS: 5     HP: 35     Powerplant: 3 Class B PGC "Eureka" Atomic Drives
ADF: 4  MR: 3      DCR: 45     Fuel: 18 pellets
Armament: PL(concealed), LB(x2)
Defenses: Reflective Hull, Deflector Screen (HP:9), ICM(x5)
Communication/Detection: Subspace Radio, Videocom, Radar, Energy Sensor, WNB, Intercom, Skin Sensors
Misc Equipment: medium armor, streamlined hull, 2 cargo arms (1/hold), deluxe astrogation, camera system, medical bay

Cargo Capacity: 4 (2 holds, 1.6 fore & 2.4 aft)
Crew Accomodations: 4 double bunk cabins and spare duoble bunk cabin on passenger deck 
Passenger Accomodations: 1 double first class suite
Ship's Vehicles: workpod, 4 escape pods
Commissioned: 5-35-60
Home Port: Volturnus, Zebulon

Under the command of "Knightrazor & Associates" and named after his father's former fighting unit, the Knighthawk has performed quite well and has certainly earned the namesake. In the first year of ownership, Knightrazor and crew missed the all time record for the Zebulon Run by a mere few hours with her, and someday they aim to shatter that record with this magnificent vessel.

Knighthawk Upper Decks

Forward Mandibles: forward maneuver jet banks, electronics& avionics, and the primary & back-up life support equipment can be found nesteld in these tight quarters. Maintenance panels in the deck lead to the bridge.

Bridge: helm positions for the captain/pilot, co-pilot/gunner (top center), radar and communications officers (left & right of helm), astrogator (far left) and chief engineer (far right), and the computer operator (bottom center). Maintenance panels in the cieling lead to the forward mandibles, the panel in the deck behind the elevator leads to the computer maintenance shaft.

Knighthawk Forward Hold and Crew Deck

Forward Hold: a cargo arm runs the length of the elevator shaft. A maintenance panel in the cieling leads to the computer maintenance shaft. The radar unit is near the deck, and a hatch near the lower elevator leads to a ramped passage up to the flying bidge. The flying bridge is positioned 90 degrees to the deck so as to allow a "fighter jockey" stance, making atmospheric operation easier.

Crew Deck: Four double bunk cabins allows the primary crew the basic comforts, with a fresher and shower unit in the common area. An autocooker, pantry, and refrigeration unit can be found in the lounge. Hatches lead to the universal airdock and the battery weapons. The Knighthawk converted the basic port airdock into a third battery position.

Knighthawk Passenger Deck and Aft Hold

Passenger Deck: The first class suite is richly appointed, while the journey class cabins offer the basic creature comforts. The lounge area has a fresher & shower unit along with an autocooker, pantry, and refrigeration unit. A pair of storage closets keep all the passenger's items and cabin restock items tucked away. Four escape pods can be found as well. The Knighthawk crew converted the journey class cabins into a robot storage and medical bay, and the adjacent storage closet became a double bunk cabin.

Aft Hold: Another manually operated cargo arm runs the length of the lift shaft. Maintenance panels allow access to the aft maneuver jet banks.

Knighthawk Engineering and Engine Room

Maintenance Deck: the primary engineering station (50% of overhaul time is spent here) is located in the top center, a workpod is located directly behind. To the port is the foundry, and starboard has a tool room complete with workbench, tool storage, laser drill press, and a lase. Maintenance panels inthe deck access the generator and power relay station. The hatch in the deck of the workpod bin leads down to the engine room.

Engine Room: the airlock/decon chamber houses the insuits needed to enter this area. Each strut access tube leads to one of the atomic drives, and the other 50% of drive overhaul time is spent within this area.

the SS Knight Owl >>>

Histran is the home port of the Knight Owl, a small RT-3100 scout/freighter owned by John Knightrazor II and Rin-Blanka. It's a great starter ship for a new pilot looking to make a living in the freight hauling industry, fast and well armed for close combat situations.

Knight Owl specifications

Class: RT-3100 Scout/Freighter
HS: 3     HP: 21     Powerplant: 2 Class A PGC "Twin Hammer" Atomic Drives
ADF: 5  MR: 4      DCR: 45     Fuel: 6 pellets
Armament: LB (x2); convertible PL(LR) added @ -1 MR
Defenses: Reflective Hull, Deflector Screen (hp:7)
Communication/Detection: Subspace Radio, Videocom, Radar, Energy Sensor, Intercom,
Misc Equipment: medium armor, Streamlined Hull, Deluxe Astrogation, back-up LS

Cargo Capacity: 2 (1.5 main hold + 0.5 aft hold)
Crew Accomodations: 8
Passenger Accomodations: 0
Ship's Vehicles: currently none
Commissioned: 10-40-67
Home Port: Histran, Scree Fron