My Player Characters
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Here are a few of my more frequently used characters

<<< Steven "Rex" Knightrazor
The son of Captain Jonathan Knightrazor, last of the original Knighthawk Special Forces team. Steven's parents were both killed when he was five years old during a Sathar invasion while stationed in Yast, Athor. Rescued by the neighboring Yazirian "Pasamoria" Clan, the Yazirians raised the young orphaned Steven as one of their own and brought him up along the traditions and cutlure of the Pasamorian way of life. Steven holds a deep respsect for the Yazirian race and will always help one in need. As is with the customs of the Yazirians whom he was raised, Steven selected the Sathar as a "life-enemy" and will often slip into a berserker rage against them, assuming their numbers aren't overwhelming. He has a small weakness for a thick Yazirian Ale, but never consumes too much of it. Steven has recently been promoted to the rank of Colonel at Mercenary Starbase and commands the recently comissioned next generation heavy cruiser dubbed "Colonel K" (that MS named after him), when he's not running supply missions for MS in his own para-military freighter along with his friends.
Narlok >>>
Narlok's father is the leader of the peace-loving Pasamoria Clan and was a close friend of Capt. Jonathan Knightrazor as well. It was his father's decision to "adopt" the young & orphaned Steven into the clan out of deep respect for his fallen friend that died protecting the clan. Narlok became Steven's life long friend and "brother". Narlok appears very timid, non-aggressive, and very well groomed with a warm and friendly personality, all very rare traits amongst the Yazirian race. He will avoid a fight if at all possible, yet remains a dangerous opponent if pushed. Narlok's favorite pastime is taking a leisurely glide, and as a result co-piloting under the command of his adopted brother comes quite naturally.
<<< Kenneth "Tony" Drake
With his shoulder-length wavy hair, closely trimmed beard, a black headband tied on the left side and his overall rugged appearance, Kenneth Drake looks every bit of the typical smooth operator scoundrel and hooligan. With good reason, he once was a criminal, starting his career out as an outlaw hovercycle club officer and later as a pirate with the Star Devils. During a mining venture on Volturnus, a small band of survivors from the Serena Dawn (a ship which Drake helped to overtake and destroy) did the unthinkable and attacked Slave City One. Drake and fellow co-conspirator Scultar, who both begrudgingly spoke out about several facets of the operation that they saw room for improvements in and were completely ignored, decided at this point that it was time to make their departure. They sided up with the attackers (led by future friend and companion Lt. Knightrazor) and helped to overtake Slave City One. Drake and Scultar through their valiant efforts in the attack against the pirates followed by their participation in driving off the Sathar attack on Volturnus, and subsequent information given out about the Star Devil operations, were eventually given pardons and currently work with Mercenary Starbase.
Scultar >>>
Scultar met Drake in Slave City One, where both openly discussed their views on what could be done to make improvements in the Star Devil's Volturnus Mining Expedition. Scultar presented these to his commander, who in turn forwarded these ideas to Lucifer Yurack ("the Star Devil" himself). It is not known which one of them shrugged off these ideas or who ordered Scultar's death, but that attempt on his life and every subsequent one failed. In one of the failed attempts on Scultar's life, he was serving aboard the Corvette "Sting Ray", where he slaughtered the entire contigent of troops and forced the ship's officers to land on Volturnus' moon, at which point he killed them as well. Scultar found his ultimate revenge on that fateful day when Lt. Knightrazor led his band of survivors into an all out attack against Slave City One. Scultar (and newfound friend Drake) didn't need much convincing as to which side to join in the fighting. A very formidable opponent, not one to upset. To date, Scultar has slain 14 life-enemies, in an attempt to break the known record of 21 set by one of his fellow Regarian Clan Yazirian brothers.

<<< Bizz-Tek "Arsenal"
Bizz-Tek met Lt. Knightrazor onboard the SS Serena Dawn prior to its falling into the evil clutches of the Star Devils. Throughout the Volturnus incident and through later military service, Bizz excelled as a soldier and eventually helped Steven resurrect his father's legacy by forming the 2nd Knighthawks Special Forces team at Mercenary Starbase. He is a warm and friendly character to associate with, however when a fight erupts the enemy is wise to locate some solid cover and remain behind it for the duration of the battle.
Kabor Dalvicar >>>
Kabor was Bizz-Tek's travelling companion aboard the Serena Dawn when the two met with Steven and Narlok. All three of his new friends clearly admit that if not for Kabor's background in the environmental field, none of them would have made it out of the harsh Volturnian desert alive. Kabor currently serves alongside his friends as an environmental officer and field medic, yet he is no stranger to the ways of combat either....
<<< Jonathan Knightrazor II

The illegitimate son of Steven Knightrazor, John was born of a predominantly human Venusia clan Yazirian mother who died during birth (the Venusia clan is a cross-bred Human/Yazirian* clan that boasts features of both races, some of which appear more human than others). Steven made sure that his offspring was raised and well educated during his absence, along with another "ward" that Steven adopted in the form of an orphaned Yazirian child. Both were left under the care of his foster clan, yet neither adopted the Pasamorian ways and were deemed brash and somewhat rebelious. Both craved a reckless life of thrills, risks, adventure, and danger. Not a bad seed by any manner and often means well, but would rather chase that "ultimate rush" than dedicate his time to a more noble or worthwhile cause. Case in point: while his father Steven enjoys a thick Yazirian ale in moderation, John and Rinny only enjoy it in excess...John has only recently realized his latent mutant abilities of energy absorption and control.

*A cross-bred male Yazirian with no wing-flaps and three-knuckled human fingers can be seen in the illustrations on pages 8 and 25 of module SFKH:3 "Face of the Enemy"

Rin-Blanka "Rinny" >>>

Rin Blanka accompanied his parents on their business expedition and was the sole survivor of the HeppleWhite, Inc. scout ship that crashed. He was rescued by Steven Knightrazor and friends, and out of Steven's respect and devotion to the Yazirian race and as a return gesture of gratitude he adopted young "Rinny" and placed him in the care of his foster clan along with his son Jonathan. Jon and Rinny became blood brothers and both seeked the same self-destructive route, although Rin-Blanka is more down to earth and probably offers the only reasoning that Jon will listen to. Rin-Blanka's nickname of "Rinny" is only spoken by his blood brother, he grew to hate the name but allows his comrade in arms the sole use of it. Rin-Blanka has used his technical know-how of electricity to help tutor John's newfound energy manipulation abilities. Rin-Blanka likes to alter/design new weapons, such as his own Laser Carbine w/grenade launcher and Jon's Quadra-chamber/barrel Automatic Pistol. Both Rin-Blanka and Jon currently reside at docking bay 0724 in their starship (the Knight Owl) at Port Histran (Histran, Scree Fron), near the home of the Venusia clan.

Rinny selected upstart dictator "General" (a title not recognized by any UPF colony) Yan-Soon as his life enemy, following the attempted take over of Histran. Co-conspirator Jon Knightrazor enjoys assisting Rinny by making every and any attempt to continue being a thorn in the general's side, but he'll no doubt allow his brother the final word when the time comes, a few liters of ale notwithstanding...

<<< Richard "Silver" Sterling

Richard "Silver" Sterling, a former associate of Knightrazor, is known for his passion for collecting the precious metal of his nick-name. He walks a fine line between law and chaos, with warrants issued in several cities for harboring a known criminal and possible Sathar agent. The trouble is, that known criminal and possible agent is his wife Glasya (real name Carolina), who was thought slain along with their two children during a Star Devil invasion in their hometown. Seeking revenge, Sterling eventually caught up with some of the Star Devils and found his wife was actually alive and well, albeit as a cybernetic killing machine under the control of an unknown accomplice (believed to be associated with the Star Devils).

Most of her original body was retained yet bionic/cybernetic enhanced and computer controlled, but in the end their religious beliefs won over and her conscience and self control returned, allowing her to break free of the remote computer control. Her skeletal system had been replaced with a pneumatic alloy chassis, along with both legs and left arm (making her ambidextrous). A passive I-R/UV receptor replaced her left eye, and her left audio receptor is tuned to double human range. Other features include built in toxy-rad guage, anti-shock implant, compass, I-R jammer, and an internal computer with Analysis, Information Storage, Language, and Life Support programs. Movement is doubled as is strentgh for all non-organic limbs. A type:1 parabattery supplies power for ten days along with a ten hour reserve back up power supply. Nonetheless, her enhancements have made her a highly efficient killing machine, and it remains unknown who performed the bionic/cybernetic conversions. Needless to say, Star Law holds a high interest in a complete analysis of Mrs. Sterling, but Silver won't allow her a return trip to the operating table. Losing her once already put him over the edge.

Torc and Amazon

Torc Raven VII is a seventh-generation mercenary, accepting any job that doesn't compromise the Frontier. His ancestry is rich with pre-UPF warfare, including forefathers that fought against the worms both on the ground and in deep space during the First Sathar War.

Andreas "the Amazon" Zhan was a genetic experiment involving growth hormones, she was born within a laboratory in a test tube. Now fully grown, she towers at a dizzying 3 meters tall! As a result of the hormones her strength and stamina were considerably enhanced well beyond normal human standards. She is able to wield heavy weapons as if they were normal rifles, and can flip a ground or hover car onto its side with little effort.

They met while discovering a drifting and severely damaged UPF Destroyer, left over from a battle against the Sathar. Interstellar salvage laws apply to whomever discovers such vessels, and since they found it simultaneously they opted for a partnership and rebuilt/recommissioned the SS Paladin, and they haven't stopped working since...