Rayax Transport
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Rayax Transport Shipwrights

Rayax Transport builds some of the finest small freighter designs

Rayax Transport is a new company to the Frontier but not new to starship design and construction. A merger between Pan Galactic and Trans Travel, shipwrights and engineers from both teamed up and their combined talents brought forth some very inovative designs in the starship construction field, among them being some of the fastest and most agile small freighters ever concieved, ranging from class 3 to class 5 hull designations. Pan Galactic's patented "Eureka" and "Twin Hammer" drives allow for some incredible power,  coupled with Trans Travel's latest maneuvering systems have become an unparalleled combination. RTS takes their name from a carnivorous lizard that is native to Laco's deserts, the Rayax. Small, fast, and agile, it is a docile creature unless provoked.

One particular model that has gained popularity among the independent freighter captains is the RT-3100 stock light freighter. Rayax Transport has also engaged in a few one-off special construction models in cooperation with other independant Frontier engineers, among them a very pricy RT-4940 and a first from them, a size 7 freighter with multi-ship attachment docking stations to allow the freighter to play host to four other space faring vessels.

Rayax Transport operates from their primary headquarters at Terledrom (Fromeltar), subsidized by Trans Travel. However, the majority of their construction takes place via an orbital size 3 space station (considered as a Class 1 construction center for their craft but class 3 for any other application) located over Laco (Dixon's Star), although they have been known to perform complete constructions on the surface of atmospheric capable spacecraft from their facilities in Point Glass where the majority of their class 3 and 4 craft are constructed. The SFC recently contracted them for the design and production of a new tactical starfighter, and rumor has it Mercenary Starbase is currently in negotiations with RT for the design and constrcution of a high tech 2.5MCr heavy fighter. Since their first year of business in the Frontier, Yayax Transport has consistently been recognized with top honors in small freighter construction by the IFHA (Independent Freight Haulers Association), and their annual stock often yields good returns each year under the market heading RTS.


What sets the RT Freighters apart from the rest?

The RT Freighters are easily recognized by a pair of forward "mandibles", it is a vruskan-owned company after all. A "fighter jockey" position flying bridge/cockpit is also a typical feature on the atmospheric capable RT craft.

HS:3 & 4 RT Freighters equipped with "Twin Hammer" drives sport ADF/MR ratings of 5/4, HS:5 RT Freighters and any one-off HS:6 RT Freighters sporting the Eurekas recieve ADF/MR ratings of 4/3 . Any other drive system allows the standard ADF/MR rule according to the particular system. The Eureka or Twin Hammer atomic drives cost 100,000Cr each over the standard Atomic Drive pricing. Twin Hammer drives count as two engines each when applying computer software, but follow the standard rules for fuel, maintenance, and overhauls. Standard paramilitary freighter rules apply for weaponry and DCR calculations, assuming a government contract allows construction of such craft.

                  RT-3100 Merchant Scout


HS: 3   HP: 18   Powerplant: 2 Atomic A
ADF: 4  MR: 4  DCR: 30   Crew: 4-8
Armament: PLT (x2)
Defenses: RH
Communication/Detection: SubSpace Radio, VideoCom, Radar,  Intercom
Misc Equipment: Streamlined, light armor


Computer (LVL:4 fp:170 SP/mass:100): Alarm (2) , Analysis (4) , Astrogation (4) , Commerce (1) , Communication (1) , Computer Lockout (4) , Computer Security (4) , Damage Control (2) , Drive: Atomic A (4) , Industry (1) , Information Storage (1) , Installation Security (4) , Laser Battery (1) x2 , Life Support, cap:8 (1) , Maintenance (2)

Cargo Capacity: 2 (1.5 main hold, 0.5 aft hold)
Crew Accomodations: 4 double cabins
Passenger Accomodations: n/a
Ship's Vehicles: none

Base Price, no options: 1,104,720Cr