Pirates of the Frontier
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Bring on the bad guys...

Piracy in the shipping lanes has been a major plague for the Frontier to contend with. What with Star Law already overworked rooting out Sather Agents and attempting to enforce interstellar peace at the same time, there are those that continue to operate outside the laws of civilized space that choose to make that task of enforcement even more hectic.

Where are they?
Everywhere, unfortunately. The organized piracy ring has found refuge outside the Frontier, in the "Vast Freeholds" sector. The last major cabal to operate within the Frontier was MalCo Enterprises, under the direction of the Malthar at Darkworld Station, Outer Reach. The Malthar is believed to have retreated to the Vast Freeholds following the Dramune War.

Who's in charge around these parts?

The Star Devil is the reigning faction of the organized Piracy Ring. Yep, those pesky sons of guns that stirred up so much trouble during the Volturnus Expedition are in power, under the leadership of one Lucifer Yurack (a.k.a. "the Star Devil" himself). No one has seen Lucifer in centuries, but his history is a rich one. It is believed that he is a cybernetic organism, which certainly explains his lengthy existence. Some theorize that he is even an agent of the Sathar. It is believed that he would have gone public during their mining operations at Volturnus (as evidenced by his temporary private quarters found in Slave City One), but that venture was cut short when survivors of the Serena Dawn who crash landed in the desert during the second expedition stumbled upon their headquarters.

There are six other bands that operate in the Vast Freeholds as allies with and under the protection of the Star Devil. The Red Devils are a mercenary outfit offshoot of the Star Devils with a similar insignia (a red demon's head encircled with stars, as opposed to the Star Devil's encircled full demon as seen on the jetcopter on the Misc Pics page here). Wild, unpredictable, and out of control (save for their allegiance to the Star Devil), they are the most dangerous and most ruthless. The Black Serpents are a reptilian race of para-military terrorists, raising havoc while enslaving and eventually farming Dralasites, Humans, Vrusks, and Yazirians for food. Their symbol is a stylized cobra head and crossed swords. The White Rogues are a large group of smugglers, obtaining the goods without attracting any unnecessary attention with their complex network of travel routes and swift transports that can quickly transfer their various contraband. Due to their nature, they have not adopted any universal or widely recognizeable insignia. The Crimson Guard is a high tech security firm under the Black Serpents, made up of the non-reptillian races of the Frontier. They are readily recognizeable from their trademarked blood-red suits of armor. The Tri Star Warriors are elite shock troopers, utilized by the various pirate groups to overtake the more challenging targets. Their symbol consists of three coencentric stars. Last up are the Dark Marauders, an intelligence gathering unit that specializes in the use of stealth, surveilance, and reconnaissance, as well as the latest in sensor jamming equipment. Their insignia is a dagger wrapped in a cloak, signifying their "cloak and dagger" enterprise.