Secondary Characters
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These are some of my lesser used but more "colorful" characters

"Off the beaten path" if you will, these are some of my other characters that are a real hoot to play

^^^ Darth Shadow ^^^
A highly skilled fighter pilot and former apprentice under a master from outside the UPF, he swiftly denounced his superiors following some moral questions and departed in secrecy to find refuge in the Frontier. He is quite headstrong about keeping his origins private, and his resistance to any attempts at uncovering the truth has been astounding to say the least.

Lunari >>>

A Venusia clan Yazirian (predominantly human, but with some Yazirian features including flaps, night vision, and battle rage) and Star Law detached duty officer, Lunari found pursuing the pirates of the Frontier and bringing them to justice was more rewarding than rooting out agents of the Sathar and now operates free lance.

<<< Bruce "Bruiser" Baxter

"Dumber than a box of rocks", but highly trained and loyal. Never breaks rank or codes of conduct, Baxter finds the life of a UPF enlistee to be his true sense of being.

Moco Loco >>>

Highly obnoxious and lacking a sense of humor (even by Dralasite standards), nothing pleases Moco more than a good lengthy brawl. A dangerous opponent in close quarters.

<<< Barkyr

Short yet stocky, a "runt" in comparison to other Yazirians. Very timid and shy but well skilled in the ways of warfare.

Dartec >>>

Quiet and calculating, not much escapes this Vrusk's attention. Calm and cool under pressure, in addition to combat she is quite handy behind a keyboard as well.

<<< Frank Slader

Highly aggessive and ambitious, a real "go-getter" and action junkie. A very strange behavior trait considering he is a well skilled technical operative with no formal military training.

Mystique >>>

Hailing from the Aslonian Realm, this Leorian is full of spunk and personality. Highly skilled in the computer field as well as with laser weaponry and close combat, she makes for a purr-fect companion in many situations.

<<< Stephan "Havoc" Rexal

Stephan befriended Knightrazor and associates shortly after the Volturnus expedition, and has shared many an adventure with them since. He currently holds the rank of Major (aka "Major Havoc") at Mercenary Starbase and commands the 2nd Knighthawk Special Forces team on combat missions. In combat, Havoc prefers to carry two of each pistol: lasers, automatics, and gyrojets. His personal starship is a customized class:7 hull YT paramilitary freighter, the MSV Vesuvius, which surprises any unknowing attackers by erupting into five separate vessels that serve to overwhelm and confuse said attackers.

Jack "Shotgun" Walker >>>

Jack Walker had a brief military career before striking out on his own. He entered Landfleet for a few years and then recieved some formal starship training in astrogation courtesy of Spacefleet before deciding that the life of a free roaming spacer was ultimately for him. He picked up a little engineering in that roaming profession as well, making him a decent technical hands-on member of any ship's crew.

During his career in Spacefleet he worked aboard the destroyer UPFS Melinda McCoy, starting off as an entry level astrogator that doubled as an internal security officer in charge of the brig. He eventually worked his way up to assistant astrogator before resigning and taking on various jobs in the civilian market aboard various freight haulers and privateers. As it turns out, it was a wise move as the destroyer was obliterated by the Malthar as the most recent Dramune War kicked off.

He has developed a strange obsession with scatterguns in recent years, opting for them as his weapon of choice. He just prefers the nasty get down to business pattern of a shot shell at close range, add to that he has discovered that in a vaccuum the shot shells place a good number of holes in the enemy spacesuits...but he is equally at home behind the grips of modern projectile weapons too, and to that end he truly enjoys firing a mounted machine gun.

He currently works as the chief astrogator aboard a civilian owned salvaged/rebuilt UPF destroyer, none other than the original Melinda McCoy...he and a small group of down-on-their-luck spacers acquired the hulked ship and rebuilt her, making the craft spaceworthy once more.

<<< John R. VonRosen

VonRosen's motivation is one fueled solely by vengeance. His parents were slaughtered by pirates and his wife and unborn son were killed in a vehicle accident caused by criminals fleeing from local law enforcement. That accident also left him with permanent injuries, including deep facial scarring along with spinal and left leg issues that require external support.

He refused initial medical treatment, but later experimental electro-therapy revealed his mutagenic vampire characteristics...he soon discovered that by feasting on human or yazirian blood that his wounds would heal. This thirst comes on anytime he is wounded, although he must consume at least 100ml of blood within a ten day period or he will begin to thirst regardless of injuries. When this thirst comes on, his canis teeth extend and he can go into a berserker-like rage (similar to Yazirian Battle Rage). He also must wear eye protection in daylight, and can see perfectly in the dark.

His armor also serves as spinal support, he has difficulty moving without it. His facial scars serve as a constant reminder to his mission: the wholesale destruction of the criminal element. As a result, he is a big fan of overkill, carrying exotic and oftentimes heavy weaponry to the battle. Even his Scout class starship "Magnum" boasts Class:B Atomic Drives, able to outaccelerate anything in the space lanes.

Dosarmas >>>

Dosarmas is the son of Q'ortarmas, the vruskan traitor who was exposed as a leadingmember of a fascist regime who publicly denounced the UPF. Immediate family ties led to complications in Dosarmas' career in the Zik-Kit Militia, and he took a discharge so that he could leave peacefully and start a new life. His self imposed exile found him in Cassidine, and he soon found himself entangled in far more pressing matters. In the first week he found himself up against a ruthless band of slavers, a vicious hovercycle gang, an anti-megacorp faction, and his father's regime among other things!

<<< Khan-Gha

Khan-Gha was born and raised on a high gravity world whose gravity eventually sucked the life from his natural parents, who were part of an exploration team that was surveying the world for possible UPF development. As a result, he naturally adapted and his Yazirian features became awkwardly extreme...he towers at 2.4 meters and tips the scales at a whopping 240 kilograms! His large bone structure and body mass have rendered his flaps useless for gliding, which was something even a normal Yazirian would be incapable of on this high grav world. With a tough as nails attitude, Khan-Gha soon found a career as an enforcer quite rewarding.

Steve Rogers XLVII

a.k.a. "Captain UPF" , "Sentinel of the Frontier", and "the Living Legend of the First Sathar War"

Dr. Irz-kein, a Vrusk scientist, developed an experimental super soldier serum for the UPF during the First Sathar War, but was killed by a Sathar agent (a female human code named "Scarlet Cranium") during the only trial on host Steve Rogers XLVII, a frail and ailing youth that showed exceptional courage to risk his life in the name of science and a hopeful patriotic duty in the Frontier. As a result, Steve was endowed with super-human strength and agility, but sadly the entire process died with the good doctor as he had not committed the formula to hard copy, it was all in safely tucked away in his mind. Steve Rogers fought valiantly for the rest of the Sathar War, and was believed dead during the final days when he tried to stop a Sathar torpedo targetted for a civilian spaceliner.

Steve was later found frozen in a spaceberg by the UPF Avenger squadron, perfectly preserved for all those years, and was revived just in time for the opening of the second Sathar War.

Just kidding, there's no "Captain America clone" in my campaign. It's just a cool concept drawing I whipped out back in the 90's in lieu of the Marvel Comics 2099 line.